The history of SOMEX Sp. z.o.o. first began in 1997. The idea of protecting the environment created the Production Service and Trade SOMEX Tomasz Koster company. In 2008 our company transformed into “SOMEX” Sp. z.o.o.

We specialize in the recovery and recycling of plastics from recyclable waste. Our extensive experience and a qualified team let us acquire raw materials of the highest quality, which is later used by producers of final products. We acquire the waste from all over the country through privet companies and Communal Services.

We are the producer of high-grade LDPE, HDPE, and PP pellets that melt flow index can be customised for the needs of our customers.

We work on high-tech machines from Germany that allow us to keep the technological process at the highest level. We produce pellets of the highest quality which are excellent recyclable materials. The so chosen process of production makes our pellets suitable for inflation of thin garbage bags, thick construction foils, packaging stretch films, and also for the injection method.
Dynamic development through high investment expenditures and an increase in production decided about our success in Poland, as well as abroad.

Our production line includes extruders with two degassers, shredding machine assembled out of high-grade mills made in Germany, high efficiency grinding machine, double-head washer, drying section, and high-class extruder with two degassers.
All of these actions ensure that our pellets are of the highest quality standards, without any gas intrusions or impurities.

The second pillar of our business is a production of foil sleeves, packaging bags, garbage bags in varying colours, thickness, width, and capacity.

Our policy:

– Individual approach to each client
– Care for the high quality of our products
– Consulting in the matters of waste selection

The Company has a regulated formal and legal status in buying and processing plastic waste, storing and its transport (in accordance with Article 28(2 and 5) of Waste Management Act of April 27, 2001 – Journal of Laws no. 62 item 628) Permission obtained in a municipal administrative division (Konin) for manufacturing of waste including recovery, gathering and transport. Sign: WO.7648-10-1/10, 2010