Photovoltaic home systems allow for full electric independence from the power supplier. Even a small number of photovoltaic panels can generate a daily demand for power in one household. Therefore, electric bills will be lower or even equal to zero. An increase in electrical prices will not matter anymore. Moreover, when the solar system generates too much power, the surplus of power may be sent to the electrical grid. Later, when there is not enough sunshine for generating a sufficient amount of energy, the surplus can be bought back for less than the standard tariff.

We take care of assembling and installation of the solar home systems. The scope of our work includes:

  • Preparation of the terrain for the investment
  • Delivery and assembly of ground stands for photovoltaic panels
  • Delivery and assembly of solar panels
  • Delivery and assembly of inverters
  • Delivery and assembly of electrical control cabinets
  • Delivery and assembly of the wiring for the devices
  • Activating and measurements


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