Our offer includes:

Agro stretch film
index colour thickness width length
SB500 white 25 µm 500 mm 1800 mb
SZ500 green 25 µm 500 mm 1800 mb
SC500 black 25 µm 500 mm 1800 mb
SB750 white 25 µm 750 mm 1500 mb
SZ750 green 25 µm 750 mm 1500 mb
SC750 black 25 µm 750 mm 1500 mb

Stretch FILM for wrapping bales of haylage.

Our offer also includes agro stretch film, which successfully protects the inside
of the bales against air getting in or humidity. That prevents the hay against rotting
or moulding. Its high quality allows for keeping haylage for a long time, up to several months. Thanks to the UV protection technology, the bales of haylage can be kept outside. And what is even more important wrapping the haylage with a high-quality film makes the process itself even more efficient for agricultural purposes. Therefore, investing in an agro stretch film is worth it, and we, as producers can guarantee the highest satisfaction.

Effective wrapping of haylage bales

We are perfectly aware that wrapping haylage bales demands the use of the highest quality product. The quality of the fodder depends on it. That is why our stretch film is highly durable and can withstand any weather conditions such as rain, frost, or sun. Well-chosen film influences the proper fermentation process inside the bale, which then makes the haylage suitable for consumption for a long time. The storing time of the film reaches up to 12 months. It is undeniably more than a satisfactory result. Our stretch film is available in several basic variations.

Stretch film for silage – sizes 

Our film for bales is available in three colours: white, green, and black. We purposefully decided not to include a transparent version because of its lower efficiency. When it comes to sizes, our offer includes stretch film of 500 mm, and 750 mm in width. Our clients have full freedom in choosing which one suits them best. The 750 mm version is more efficient, but the 500 mm is lighter. It is worth noting that both sizes are obtained through a recycling process, meaning that choosing our product is a step in the direction of protecting the environment. We invite you to familiarise with our offer.


Usage and properties:

  • Perfect for securing the haylage and storing bales in field conditions
  • Multi-layered structure of the film ensures its high barrier effect
  • Our stretch film is highly durable against punctures and tears. Excellent flexibility.
  • UV stabilised
  • Method of production: inflation (BLOW)
  • Plastic and cardboard cores
  • Inner and an outer adhesive layer

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Agro stretch film