Our offer includes:

Transparent packaging film
indextypethicknesswidthWeight of the roll with a coreWieght of the coreLength of the film on the roll
ST500/23/3manual23 µm500 mm3 kg0.3 kg256 m
ST500/23/2.5manual23 µm500 mm2.5 kg0.3 kg209 m
ST500/23/2manual23 µm500 mm2 kg0.3 kg161 m
ST500/23/1.5manual23 µm500 mm1.5 kg0.3 kg114 m
ST500/20/3manual20 µm500 mm3 kg0.3 kg294 m
ST500/20/2.5manual20 µm500 mm2.5 kg0.3 kg240 m
ST500/20/2manual20 µm500 mm2 kg0.3 kg185 m
ST500/20/1.5manual20 µm500 mm1.5 kg0.3 kg130 m
ST500/17/3manual17 µm500 mm3 kg0.3 kg340 m
ST500/17/2.5manual17 µm500 mm2.5 kg0.3 kg277 m
ST500/17/2manual17 µm500 mm2 kg0.3 kg214 m
ST500/17/1.5manual17 µm500 mm1.5 kg0.3 kg151 m
ST500/23/16mechanical23 µm500 mm16 kg1.6 kg1368 m
ST500/20/16mechanical20 µm500 mm16 kg1.6 kg1570 m
ST500/17/16mechanical17 µm500 mm16 kg1.6 kg1814 m


Elastic industrial stretch film is a commonly used material for securing various range of cargoes. The transported product is better protected during transport, and its handling is a lot easier. We offer a high-quality agricultural stretch film. It can be used for wrapping transport pallets manually or mechanically. But the film can be also used for wrapping products form different branches of business. Regardless of its usage, the film characterises with high durability against damage, and with lots of various specifications. A transparent stretch film is commonly used, but we also offer white stretch film and a black stretch film. A range of different colours are useful when we want to double protect our products and ease their sorting. Black stretch guarantees complete coverage of the pallet with items that lie on it so as to ensure that the content remains unknown for the unauthorised persons. It is not only the effective protection that speaks for its advantage, but also easier identification even when the items are covered thanks to the white stretch or its black counterpart.

Usage and properties:

  • Dedicated for manual or mechanical wrapping of goods or pallets
  • Multi-layered (3) structure of the film ensures its high barrier effect
  • Our stretch film is highly durable against punctures and tears, Excellent flexibility.
  • UV stabilised
  • Method of production: inflation (BLOW)
  • Plastic and cardboard cores
  • Inner and an outer adhesive layer

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Colored stretch film
Black stretch film